Cherry Hill Chocolates

We are proud purveyors of the freshest handmade chocolates and most sumptuously gorgeous ice cream from some of the finest producers in the land. 

We are extremely privileged to serve you from within our beautiful 14th-century vaulted building and after 17 years the time has come.....yes we are now online!

Delicious chocolates that are always fresh and at their best, a great selection to choose from and very helpful staff. Altogether wonderful.
They have the most delicious chocolates. Customer service is the best. It's always an uplifting and enjoyable experience visiting this heaven scented of divine chocolate shop!
This is a fantastic shop, a true gem amongst Ely's fantastic independent traders! I would recommend it to anyone looking for delicious treat, gift or a nice cool ice cream. The range and quality of the chocolates is superb, something to suit all tastes.

About Us

Set in the historic heart of Ely, we have delighted locals and visitors alike of all ages, who come back time and time again. Is it the aroma that fills the air that you can't quite get enough of or the warm welcome that awaits you? We like to think it's how it makes you feel, oh, and of course, the incredible chocolates which quite literally, need no introduction...


Discover us in the first shop of Ely's medieval buildings, nestled between Barclays Bank and The Eel Catcher's Daughter.


28a High St, Ely CB7 4JU

We are open

Monday - Friday

9.30 - 17.30


9.30 - 17.30


12.00 - 16.00